Licensed Massage Therapist, Stacy Lehman, believes that well being is one of the most important things in your life. If you are in pain, discomfort, stress, or just need to relax, massage therapy is beneficial for all of those body aches and a great stress reliever! The Body Boutique will work based on your personal goals, medical history, and stress or pain related problem areas.

How massage benefits you

Alleviates muscle spasm and soreness
Promotes proper scar tissue
Aids in mental relaxation
Reduces tension headaches
Dismisses chronic pain
Breaks up adhesions and knots
Increases flexibility and range of motion


Deep Tissue uses direct, deep pressure to relieve pain and restore normal movement in stiff muscles, ligaments and tendons. Deep Tissue aims to break down adhesions in the tissues, thereby restoring healthy blood circulation.


At The Body Boutique, sports massage is tailored to you and your needs. If your need is to address a specific compliant or injury, Stacy will focus on that. Or you may just need a more general full body session to help remove lactic acid build up and break down adhesions and knots.


Cupping Therapy is used to promote healing through the loosening of connective tissue. Softening scars and adhesion, moving stagnation and increasing lymphatic flow and circulation.

Application: A partial vacuum in plastic cups, by means of a suction device, which are applied to the skin drawing up the underlying tissue and pulling fluids to the surface.This then removes stagnation which increases blood flow and nourishment to the injured area. When used appropriately it can speed up the healing process.

This Therapy is great for athletes wanting to loosen up and area in preparation for an event or can be used after there event to help with the repair of any injured or strained body part. Also, works well for the office worker, weekend warrior, young athletes and elder people.


Pregnancy massage is therapeutic bodywork that focuses on the special needs of the woman’s body as it is experiencing changes that occur during pregnancy. Bodywork during pregnancy can relieve common pregnancy pain: low back pain, sciatica, hip tension, carpal tunnel syndrome and headaches. It can also decrease edema (swelling), and enhance circulation and the immune system. Stacy offers her pregnant clients a pregnancy pillow which allows the mother to to lay face down during her massage. The pillow is supportive and does not cause pressure on the breast and belly area.


Smooth basalt stones are heated and then gently placed on the body. While the resting stones are working their magic, additional hot rocks and warmed oil are used to massage the entire body. This treatment is 90 minutes of pure bliss.


This convenient form of pure relaxation is good for office visits, employee appreciation, birthdays, parties, public events and more! Massage work is provided in a cushioned anti-gravity massage chair which Relieves pressure from the spine, while the therapist offers spot treatment to the clients’ aches and pains.



Best Massage in town!

My husband and I have both been going to Stacy for years and we have been extremely happy with her professionalism, flexibility with scheduling, and most importantly her expertise with deep muscle massage . If you have never been, you’ve got to try her at The Body Boutique!!!


The Best Massage Around

Stacy is a phenomenal massage therapist and is absolutely the best around. The difference is noticeable right away. After 7 back surgeries, I need someone extraordinary, and that is Stacy.

Michael L.

The Best

Stacy has been working on me for nearly 10 years. She does it all — even pregnancy massage (through two of mine). She’s courteous, professional, and really good and fixing what ails. It’s also super convenient that she’s in the office with a great chiropractor and a great acupuncturist.

Alicia A.